Photograph of Lizzy Ortiz
Lizzy Ortiz
Senior Community Health Worker and Care Coordinator, Community Care Cooperative (C3)

Lizzy Ortiz has been employed at Community Care Cooperative, ACO, C3 for the past two years, holding the position of Senior Community Health Worker and Care Coordinator. She completed her education at Milton College in 2014, a journey that spanned several years due to the challenges of being a single mother and life's hardships.

Over the years, Lizzy has had the privilege of working with various state and local agencies, including Peck Middle School in Holyoke. Through her experiences, she has gained a wealth of knowledge and skills while forming strong relationships with numerous social service agencies and colleagues. Her passion and dedication shine through her daily work, where she remains committed to empowering individuals and families on issues such as housing, health disparities, civic engagement, community involvement, and community organizing.

Lizzy is a proud resident of Springfield, MA, where she has resided for the past 30 years. Lizzy is a Latina woman who is very proud of her Puerto Rican culture. She is bilingual and bicultural.  She is the mother of two sons, Melvin and Elvis, and recently became a grandmother to a baby boy. Lizzy has cultivated a network of friends and colleagues, affectionately referred to as her BFFs, and she expresses deep gratitude for the connections she has made throughout her years of service in this field.