The Springfield Youth Mental Health Coalition is convened by the Public Health Institute of Western Massachusetts.  The Coalition consists of a stellar advisory board and an outstanding youth advisory board, known as "Beat the Odds," led by Ariana Williams, Director of Public Health at Martin Luther King Jr. Family Services. 

In 2019 we embarked on a year long planning process to identify an existing health concern exacerbated by the presence of a casino in Springfield, MA.  The Advisory Board gathered diverse community and content expert input as well as data from existing community health needs assessments.  The planning process narrowed from a list of fifteen potential issues to one - youth behavioral health.

Youth behavioral health is a serious concern in Springfield as raised by local data, community voices, and local content experts. Risks to youth behavioral health include gambling and the presence of a casino, and also go far beyond that issue.

Advisory Board

Our Funders

We would like to thank the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Office of Problem Gambling Services and the Davis Foundation for supporting this important work in Springfield!

What's Next for the Coalition?

  • Work with AxiomBlue and experts in our City to design a “normalizing youth mental health” communications campaign that will be geared toward youth;

  • Complete a peer-to-peer prevention training and advise on infrastructure development;

  • Engage with more parents, guardians, educators, etc. around making youth mental health a priority and effective strategies while assisting youth;

  • Work with the Public Health Institute of Western MA and the Youth Health Survey Advisory Group to disseminate the Youth Health Survey 2021 Findings; and

  • Continue to work with Springfield Public School team to support their efforts working with students and family.