Our Work

PHIWM provides skills, expertise, and experience to create successful public health campaigns and sustainable system changes to improve health and well-being in Western MA. Through partnerships, we build on community assets and build community capacity to positively impact social determinants of health.

Commitment to Health Equity

Ensuring health equity and challenging institutional racism are core values integrated into all of our services.  Our specialty is to work with and on behalf of communities that experience health disparities. Our efforts highlight and address structures and institutions that cause these disparities, including the destructive racial hierarchy in our society.  Together with community partners and residents, we design, test and implement solutions and policies that result in more equitable access to resources that impact community health.

Our Services

We support community, governmental and private sector stakeholders to address health challenges facing our communities.
We implement community-based research and assessments to understand gaps, needs and best practices.
We use data analysis, community participation and advocacy to forge and enhance policy that will sustain necessary systems to ensure better health outcomes.