This resource guide has been developed by the PHIWM Board's Race & Health Equity Committee, but we continue to add new resources as they are created and shared by regional partners and collaborations. The Race and Health Equity committee strives to support the work of PHIWM and the board members by offering training opportunities and leading discussions around race and health equity through a variety of formats. Through discussions, activities, and the development of a resource library, the committee works to support professional development and personal growth of board members by fostering a learning community. This resource guide is designed to support this work. These resources were gathered from various platforms that lend differing perspectives and scholarly insights.

Our hope is that this will also serve as a resource beyond PHIWM and its board. The committee hopes community organizations and stakeholders will utilize this guide to strengthen their understanding of race and health equity, serve as a guide for difficult conversations, and utilize this tool as a form of education to help aid and support the development of equitable communities.

Help us keep this tool up to date! Given that conversations around race and equity will continue to evolve as well as the resources used to support growth and learning the committee seeks your comments, additions, or upgrades. Contact us with your suggestions, comments and updates.




Putting Resources into Practice- A Race and Health Equity Blog

We would love to hear from you! Let us know what your favorite resource is and how you have used it to advance race and health equity.