Hampden County Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

About the Hampden CHIP

Hampden County, Massachusetts has ranked last among Massachusetts’ 14 counties with respect to  health outcomes for the last six years according to the County Health Rankings and Road Map report  produced each year by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in collaboration with State Departments of Public Health. The Hampden County Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) presents a strategic plan forward to improve health outcomes of people living in the county’s 23 cities and towns.  

Our Role

The Public Health Institute of Western MA collaborates with the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission to co-lead the CHIP coalition, which consists of a variety of stakeholders including health professionals, community based organizations, advocates, etc. that are 1) working to address the prioritized needs identified in the Hampden CHIP report, and 2) building capacity in our region to achieve health equity.

Learn More

For more information about the Hampden County Health Improvement Plan, please visit http://www.pvpc.org/HCHIP.