Planning processes and materials

We develop grant applications, workplans, timelines as well as planning processes. We can be a thought partner to help strategically plan project activities and strategies that will lead to your desired outcomes. We review and analyze existing policy and procedures and draft recommendations for action.

Expert Facilitation

We provide expert facilitation to ensure meetings are successful in involving key stakeholders and building understanding and agreement on a shared vision and goals. We design and lead interactive conversations, both online and face-to-face, to help extract the wisdom from all participants to foster breakthrough thinking, leading to practical action plans.

Organizing and Tracking Activities

We provide services to convene meetings, track activities, and demonstrate progress in meeting your goals.We can provide support to organize successful events and programs including all logistics, expert speakers and outreach to community members and the media.

Evaluation and Sustainability Planning

With research and evaluation staff, we bring results to stakeholders to use in developing ways to sustain project activities through policies, procedures or ongoing funding.

Our principles for successful collaborations

  • Begin and end with shared community ownership.
  • Produce community development and systems change benefits
  • Add to community capacity and assets, rather than just reducing a need.
  • Foster true collaboration among government, business, nonprofit organizations and citizens.
  • Advance health equity and racial justice.