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COVID-19: Learn what you need to know to stay safe

Some might find the term “all in this together” corny or an oversimplification of the current COVID-19 crisis, but the phrase rings true. Our interconnectedness has never been more palpable than at this point in time, with infection rates rising in just about every community. The shorter and chillier days are bringing more inside, and holiday celebrations on the horizon will not be the same. We are desperate to come together, console our loved ones, mourn our lost ones and “be normal again.”

But we can’t. Not yet.

Preliminary outreach to folks in the Greater Springfield area with regard to basic prevention knowledge and ability as well as plans to get the flu shot this year has been concerning. So concerning, that healthcare organizations, physicians and community health workers are urgently trying to get information and messaging out to the masses. You’ve likely seen some campaigns – #MaskUp and Stop the Spread are a few examples. No doubt people feel overwhelmed with the information coming at them, but we also understand from some new research published last week from the Journal of General Internal Medicine, which concluded that, of 588 participants, “Adults at higher risk for COVID-19 continue to lack critical knowledge about prevention. While participants reported greater changes to daily routines and plans, disparities continued to exist in perceived susceptibility to COVID-19 and in preparedness. Public health messaging to date may not be effectively reaching vulnerable communities.”

It is almost as though a significant portion of the population is thinking, “It won’t happen to me,” when it comes to either infection or the severity of the coronavirus.
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