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I strive to think of how we can do "something different" in all the work we do!

The Race and Health Equity Resource Guide was developed by our Board's Race & Health Equity Committee. We continue to add new resources. Our hope is that it will serve not only as a resource for the board and staff but also as a resource for external partners. Read below how Victoria Ramos has used one of the resources.


The White Dominant Culture and Something Different worksheet is designed for workplaces to examine their culture and norms. The worksheet was adapted for ACCE from an adaptation by Partners for Collaborative Change based on “White Supremacy Culture” By Tema Okun and Kenneth Jones, for large, majority-white environmental organizations, using interviews with staff and partners of these organizations.  

For many, the term “White supremacy” conjures extreme images of groups like the Ku Klux Klan or the shooter in Buffalo. However, Racial Equity Tools defines White supremacy culture as “the dominant, unquestioned standards of behavior and ways of functioning embodied by the vast majority of institutions in the United States. These standards may be seen as mainstream, dominant cultural practices..." White supremacy culture (interchangeable with "White dominate culture") can be subtle and difficult to perceive as "it is indistinguishable from what we might call U.S. culture norms".

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