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"Recognizing our own implicit biases..."

portrait of Amanda Lesnick alongside her quote.

Amanda Lesnick is the Vice President of Support Services at the Gándara Center. She also serves on the PHIWM Board's Governance Committee.

"Gándara Center’s mission is to promote the well-being of Hispanics, African-Americans and other culturally diverse populations through innovative, culturally competent behavioral health, prevention, and educational services. Our mission, actions, and services speak to caring for our community, staff, and those we serve regardless of race, cultural, sexual orientation or gender identity.

The array of resources that PHIWM has pulled together provide concrete methods for furthering this mission. 

Gándara partnered with the African Diaspora Mental Health Association, who provided a powerful and profound implicit bias training for our Race, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee as well as a community-based training at Springfield College, co-sponsored by our STOP Access Drug Free Communities Coalition.

Recognizing our own implicit biases, understanding that implicit biases simultaneously advantage certain groups while disadvantaging others, and seeking to mitigate the harm caused as a result is an essential foundational element of anti-racism work."

Visit the Race and Health Equity Guide to see resources and learn how other people in the region are working to advance race and health equity.

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