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Samantha Hamilton to be panelist at 2024 Fair Housing & Civil Rights Conference

Samantha Hamilton will be on a panel about environmental justice at the 2024 Fair Housing & Civil Rights Conference. Other panelists to include: John Fisher, Fair Housing Manager, Way Finders; Rusty Polsgrove, Environmental Justice Organizer, Arise Springfield; and Doug Quattrochi, Executive Director, Massachusetts Landlords.

Panel Description: Put most simply, environmental justice means that all people have the right to be free from environmental pollution in all of its forms and have the right to live in a clean and healthy environment. As a movement, it can be local in nature, focusing on a particular building or neighborhood, or it can draw together much large numbers of people in response to the wider environmental effects of factors such as climate change, racism, income, and other forms of discrimination. The panel will discuss what environmental justice can mean, both locally and regionally, and suggest some strategies by which it might be furthered.

The 2024 Fair Housing & Civil Rights Conference is sold out!

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