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Designing the Community-Academic Research Dissemination Process to Foster Equity

When community-academic research is designed through an equity and justice lens and is mutually beneficial, it has the power to both support the community and advance scientific knowledge.  Dissemination is a key component that must be considered when moving research to action, both in the communities who give their time and in the scientific community.

The webinar hosted by UMass Chan Medical School - Center for Clinical and Translational Science focused on dissemination strategies for community-academic research partnerships through an equity lens. Presenters discussed the process of community and academic partners working together with an action-oriented dissemination approach that centers collaborative voice and co-design.

Kathleen Szegda, Senior Director of Community Research and Evaluation, and Samantha Hamilton, Director of Coalition Building and Community Engagement, spoke about the R.O.A.D.S. Study, including how they shared preliminary findings with City staff to address issues with the built environment.

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