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COVID-19 County Data and Community Maps

The following slideshow includes:

County Data

  • New COVID-19 cases by week by Western MA county as of 8/5/20 (*Note – The state changed how they reported county case data on 8/12/20 so that data was not included in charts. Previously, cases included confirmed and probable cases. Starting on 8/12/20, it only included confirmed cases.)
  • COVID-19 Testing Data - Total number of tests performed (cumulative) and percent positive tests in the last two weeks as of 8/12/20
  • Number of COVID-19 Deaths as of 8/5/20

MDPH Community Data Maps

  • New COVID-19 Cases - Daily incidence rates per 100,000 for previous two weeks (7/26 – 8/8/20)
  • COVID-19 Testing Data - Testing rate (PCR only) per 100,000 and percent positive tests (PCR only) over last two weeks (7/26-8/8/20)


  • County case and death data - Massachusetts Department of Public Health COVID-19 Dashboard Raw Data – August 12, 2020
  • County testing data - MDPH Weekly Public Health Report - Raw Data - August 12, 2020
  • Community Maps - MDPH Weekly Public Health Report - - August 12, 2020
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