Photograph of Kim Gilhuly
Kim Gilhuly
Director of Data to Policy Action

Kim has been part of the Research and Evaluation Team at PHIWM since 2018, helping to lead the Community Health Needs Assessment process, provide evaluation technical assistance for local Baystate Health and Health New England grantees, co-convening the Hampden County Health Improvement Plan, and other assessment and evaluation projects. Kim has 30 years of nonprofit experience, including 11 years at Human Impact Partners helping to build the field of Health Impact Assessment (HIA) nationally to bring health data, frame, and voice to public policy and practice change discussions. Kim also led the Health Instead of Punishment Program, which aimed to elevate human justice, repair harm, promote healing, and engender true accountability – not punishment. In her work to change the system that criminalizes so many people for what are ultimately health issues, she created the National Criminal Justice and Public Health Alliance, conducted and oversaw projects to bring health research and voice to criminal legal system policy change, and continues to partner with directly impacted advocates to abolish and reform the system. Kim taught graduate level Program Planning and Evaluation at the University of California – Berkeley, co-taught an HIA course at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst, and was an evaluation specialist with the Alameda County Public Health Department.  Kim’s efforts are informed by a desire to raise up the participation and voices of people who are most directly impacted by oppressive systems in our country. Also, she is a devoted dog owner living in Montague, MA.