Photograph of Bettye Anderson-Frederic
Bettye Anderson-Frederic
Community Representative

Bettye Anderson-Frederic is the former Deputy Director of the Springfield Department of Health and Human Services (SDHHS) and a career nurse clinician. After pursuing her undergraduate degree at Dillard University, a Historical Black College, she obtained a graduate degree from Boston University. Her ensuing work has centered on social justice, health equity and disparities in health care and health outcomes. She has practiced in acute care settings, taught at the college level, and worked to promote community health. In her current position at SDHHS, she oversees population based health services for the residents of Springfield. In this role, she has developed a population-based nursing service, created and structured the Maternal Child Health Commission, secured CLIA certification for population based health screening and integrated all health units into a cooperative force for health prevention. She has been involved in the following projects, many of which required community engagement: Mason Square Neighborhoods Assessment of Community Participation and Health Needs, Health Updates on Springfield HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse Treatment Among Springfield Residents, Profile of the AIDS Epidemic In the City of Springfield, Health Profiles of Springfield Pregnancies and Births, working with faculty from the University of Massachusetts on cultural/racial diversity in the field of nursing, The Public Health Network Project: Rural Public Health, served on design team for the Baystate CHNA, and served as faculty for a community health and capacity building grant and on the Advisory Board of a Health Communications in Cancer Control Project.